Definitions & Disclaimers

Definitions and Clarifications

  1. Audien’s Use of the term "Hearing Aid."  Audien uses the term “hearing aid” in a manner consistent with the FDA’s definition of hearing aid, which is “any wearable instrument or device designed for, offered for the purpose of, or represented as aiding persons with or compensating for, impaired hearing” (21 CFR 801-420).
  2. Similar technology to $5000 hearing aids. When Audien Hearing refers to the technology found in $5000 hearing aids, they are referring to the standard items such as the microphone, rechargeable batteries, chip, and speaker found within both types of device. Audien does NOT claim its technology is the exact same technology as that found in expensive prescription “hearing aids.” However, Audien's hearing devices do contain a similar type of technology/hardware found within standard rechargeable prescription hearing aids. 
  3. Recommended by over 100,000 happy customers. This statement refers to an internal survey of around 170,000 Audien customers which found more than 100,000 Audien customers to recommend their products.
  4. Can be used for tinnitus management. Audien is NOT claiming that their products diagnose, cure, or treat the medical condition of tinnitus. This statement refers to feedback provided from thousands of Audien Hearing's customers. Customers reported to Audien Hearing that Audien's devices helped calm the symptoms of their tinnitus because they were now able to use Audien's devices to focus more on the sounds in their surroundings. As a result, the ringing in their ears felt as if it had decreased, even though medically there is no cure for tinnitus. Customers consistently reported that Audien's devices helped "alleviate," "calm," and "manage" the ringing in their ears from the medical condition known as tinnitus. Audien is simply conveying customer feedback as reported in thousands of instances. Protection Status