New Research Connects Hearing 

Loss To Alzheimer's, Dementia, Depression & More...

Contributed by Simon Willard, managing editor, Audien Hearing 

This content was last reviewed on: May 20th, 2020

Recent studies conducted at Johns Hopkins University have connected hearing loss to the onset of Alzheimer's.

That means people with hearing loss are nearly 2X more likely to develop Alzheimer's.

Why Does Hearing Loss Contribute To Alzheimer's?

Why Does Hearing Loss Contribute To Alzheimer's?

1. Decrease In Auditory Brain Function. Hearing lights up the auditory part of the brain, and when you start to deal with hearing loss, that part of the brain lights up more. This results in loss of brain tissue and restructuring of your brain, which is an initial link to Alzheimer's. 

2. Cognitive Load. When you become hard of hearing, your brain has to work harder to participate in conversations. This means you don't have as much mental power to divert toward memory and other functions. 

3. Social Isolation. Hearing loss can lead to feelings of isolation that have profound emotional and physical effects. Not only is it a bad feeling, but social isolation can lead to physical and chemical changes in the brain correlated to depression and other syndromes.

The 5 Senses: Use Them Or Lose Them

When you start to have hearing loss, one of your senses are deteriorating. And the worse your hearing gets, the more your brain deteriorates.

But with hearing aids, you can prevent that from happening, and essentially allow your brain to hear more, and let that area of your brain not deteriorate.

But without them, you're literally letting part of your brain deteriorate, which is what leads to Alzheimer's, Dementia and Depression.

And the worse your hearing loss is, the higher your likelihood of developing dementia and other mental illnesses. 

The risk increases 3X for those with moderate hearing loss and 5X for those with severe hearing loss. 

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