Protection Plan Policy

Audien Hearing's protection plan policy remains in effect as long as the customer is actively subscribed to and paying the $4/month lifetime subscription fee or purchased the $24 one year protection plan. The plan provides the following coverage:

If hearing aids are determined to be defective, the customer will be given a free replacement. 

If the hearing aids are lost, broken, or water damaged, the customer can purchase a new pair for the exclusive protection plan member price of $19 for the EV1, $24 for the Atom, $29 for the EV3, and $34 for the Atom Pro. There is a limit of 3 hearing aid replacements per year per protection plan. 

If the product is returned new/unopened within 45 days of when the customer initially received their package, they will be refunded fully for the warranty purchase.


For subscriptions: If the customer uses their hearing aids and keeps the product longer than 45 days, the customer will be considered as having used the warranty and the initial charge is non-refundable. Audien Hearing will then cancel the warranty and the customer will no longer be billed for any additional automatic payments. 

For $24 one year policy: The $24 one year protection policy is only refundable within the first 15 days, otherwise returns will be prorated based on usage.

Subscription Cancellations: The subscription policy can be cancelled at any time by contacting the customer service team at  Once the policy is cancelled, all protection plan policy coverage stops immediately. Protection Status