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Audien Hearing is on a mission to give everyone access to affordable, effective, comfortable hearing aids. Our rechargeable hearing aids are the best bang for your buck, made with the same technology as a $5,000 pair of hearing aids. We’ve cut out the middleman and allowed thousands of customers to get the best hearing aids at an incredible price point.

Check out our blog today to learn more about topics relating to your hearing and our company. You’ll quickly see why Audien Hearing is the best choice for discreet, well-fitting hearing aids that are delivered straight to your door.

  • Do You Need a Hearing Aid?

    Hearing is an essential component of our sensory system; it helps us connect with the world around us and assess social and environmental situations. So if you’re wondering whether you need a hearing aid, it’s worth looking into. Learn more here.
  • The Ultimate Hearing Aids Guide

    Looking for the best hearing aids to buy online? Check out our comprehensive hearing aid guide that covers everything from how hearing aids work, to types of hearing aids, to hearing aid prices and more.
  • Why Do Hearing Aids Cost So Much?

    Hearing aids are like an extension of yourself—you rely on them to more fully experience the world around you, and when they’re not working properly, you might feel helpless and frustrated. Naturally, then, you want to make sure you’re buying high-quality hearing aids that function properly and will stand the test of time. Click to learn more about what goes into pricing hearing aids and where to find the best cheap hearing aids.
  • Everything You Need to Know About Hearing Aids and Tinnitus

    If you suffer from tinnitus, you might feel distracted or frustrated at work. You might be wary of going out with friends or getting together with family, since you sometimes aren't able to make out certain things you want to hear—like the discussion going on around the dinner table. Learn more about how hearing aids can help with your Tinnitus.

  • How To Properly Clean & Care For Your Hearing Aids

    Your pair of hearing aids are an important part of every day life. When it comes to your five sen...
  • What Is The Average Price Of Hearing Aids?

    If you think you may have hearing loss, it’s time for you to get your hearing tested and start lo...
  • Rechargeable Hearing Aids: Everything You Need To Know

    Rechargeable hearing aids are quickly becoming the preferred type of hearing aid. Read our great guide to learn more about types, benefits, prices and more.

  • Will Audien Hearing Aids Work For Me?

    Not sure if Audien Hearing aids will work for you? Check out this article that covers the basics of hearing loss, and whether or not our products will help you.
  • Introducing The New Audien EV3 Rechargeable Hearing Aids

    We put together an article that covers the exciting new release of our improved EV3 hearing aid. It has a unique, smaller design, a wireless magnetic charging dock, and even better sound quality! Read on to learn more about the EV3.
  • 3 Steps To Prevent Feedback When Inserting Your Hearing Aids

    It can be really difficult to insert a pair of in ear hearing aids without feedback or whistling. Often times, the whistling problem is the main reason people don't give their hearing aids a chance. But with some slight changes in technique, you can prevent whistling or feedback, and help increase your chances of finding the right fit with your hearing aid!

    Read this article for 3 quick steps to help ensure you minimize feedback and whistling, and maximize your Audien Hearing experience.
  • 7 Tips To Get Used To Your New Hearing Aids

    Thousands of Audien Hearing customers are looking for a new hearing solution, but find that the process of going from no hearing aids to wearing one regularly isn't immediate. Our team wanted to put together an article that could help solve some of our most common problems when it comes to adjusting to a new hearing aid. Read on for 7 tips to get used to your new hearing aids!
  • Does Audien Hearing Make The Best Cheap Hearing Aids?

    Hearing loss is frustrating. It can make it hard to keep up with the world around you. For anyone hard of hearing, everyday activities like watching TV, having a conversation, or hearing an oven timer go off can be a challenge. Hearing aids can help. With today's technology, hearing aids are more comfortable, convenient, and even have features like rechargeable batteries. 

    Find the best cheap hearing aids at Audien Hearing. Nothing beats our hearing aids with their discreet looks, rechargeable batteries, and affordable prices.

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